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Cybersecurity Training Programs

Train On Your Own Time, And At Your Own Pace!

We Know Cybersecurity

New Student

Get started below to talk to an admissions specialist. Alternatively you can go right to sign up on the Academy page. 

Continuing Ed

"I Took Cybersecurity Training before" Programs. Further your learning, get help landing a job, or get a refresher. 

Self Paced

Scheduling constraints? Too busy to commit time? Would you rather study at your own pace and on your own time? You got it!

Our Experience-Focus Cybersecurity Programs

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Train with us. Gain the work experience of a cybersecurity professional. As an added bonus, gain the knowledge to pass your ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) certification.
Traditional, Boring, & Dreadful Classroom...No More

Are you new to IT? Are you tired of your job? Are you in a midst of a career change? You do not have an IT background or education? You graduated with an IT major, but lacks the work experience required to land an IT job? You are an IT professional, but would like to switch to cybersecurity? Or...are you simply fascinated by IT professionals because they look so smart (and yes, they are!) and you would like to be one of them? Look no further. Our well-rounded IT experts will train and guide you.


We  know the feeling of sitting in a traditional, boring, and dreadful classroom. To spare you your time and energy, we have scoped our curriculum to make learning less overwhelming and confusing while providing you with the necessary tools to gain the necessary skills to get the ball rolling and jump start your cybersecurity career. The dynamism and student-engaging approach of our instructors, who themselves are cybersecurity professionals with years of experience, make our classrooms fun and interactive. Book a free consultation now, and let's take your career to the next level. 

Our Specialty Cybersecurity Courses

Joining ASD IT Academy was by far the best investment I’ve ever made for my career.  This was truly a life changing experience; through this course I was able to grow financially by earning way more than I ever did. I learned a lot about IT and became passionate about cybersecurity. Keep in mind I had zero background or experience in IT prior to joining the course. By the end of the course I could speak like a SME in cybersecurity as if I’ve been in the field for years. The instructors through their teaching and sharing their experience provided me with the perfect tools to not only land an IT job but also excel in my new role.  When I started working I was very comfortable in my position because of how prepared I was thanks to ASD academy. The training included detailed and interactive classes with an opportunity to ask questions, practical exercises for hands on experience. I recommended this training to friends and family because I see the value in it , and I cant stress it enough this is truly a life changing opportunity. The best part of this training is that after the course, students still get resume and interviews prep , a continuous assistance to land a job. If you are thinking about taking this course, do not hesitate, I can assure you won’t regret it.

- W. Sika
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Fully immerse yourself in the world of I.T.
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