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Are you looking to land your first IT job? 

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Do you have scheduling constraints? Are you too busy to commit time to learn? Explore our "study at at your own pace and on your own time" classes. Click below to start exploring.

Join our mentorship and internship programs. Develop your
professional skills.

Boost your confidence, master the field of cybersecurity, become a certified professional. Learn the skills used by top notch cybersecurity professionals. Click below to join our mentorship opportunity.

Train with us. Gain the work experience of a cybersecurity professional. As an added bonus, gain the knowledge to pass your ISC2 Certified in Governance Risk and Compliance (CGRC) certification.

Our students love us.

"ASD IT Academy is a school that pretty much take any individual from no IT background into a professional IT career that will change your life for better and for good. The hands on material and the after training assistance would always help excel in any work environment." Kevin A.

Our students love us.

"I learned about the ASD IT Academy program through a friend of mine who has taken a class and has nothing but great things to say about the program. My background was in healthcare at the time so it was challenging. The biggest highlights of the program for me was the instructor and the material. The quality of the materials from the handouts to the lectures are top notch. The instructor really knows his stuff and it shows in the way he delivers the material. I put in the work along with the support of my instructor and got 3 different job offers a couple of months after going through the program. ASD IT Academy top notch program is great if one will match it with the real commitment, there is no doubt that success will follow. This is money well spent." Noelie C

Our students love us.

Joining ASD IT Academy was by far the best investment I’ve ever made for my career. This was truly a life changing experience; through this course I was able to grow financially by earning way more than I ever did. I learned a lot about IT and became passionate about cybersecurity. Keep in mind I had zero background or experience in IT prior to joining the course. By the end of the course I could speak like a SME in cybersecurity as if I’ve been in the field for years. The instructors through their teaching and sharing their experience provided me with the perfect tools to not only land an IT job but also excel in my new role." Sika W.

Our students love us...

"Three reasons I will recommend ASD IT Academy: Good knowledge dissemination, real world hands-on training material and job search assistance post-graduation." Vincent S.

Our students love us...

This is the best training school out there and you get value for money, time, wealth of resources, post-grad support, hands on learning and work simulations. I highly recommend! Very experienced instructors and a very detailed program. Adaobi J.

Our students love us...

"ASD IT Academy is a great company for cybersecurity training, and Max is an excellent instructor. The course was well-organized, up-to-date, and engaging, with a good balance of theory and practical instruction. Highly recommended." Tamires D.

Our students love us...

"ASD IT Academy is the place to be for whoever looking forward to enter the cybersecurity world. The trainings awaken in you the passion to explore this field, because of how the materials are delivered to excel in the real working environment. My whole experience was great and I highly recommend it to anyone with great expectations. ASD IT Academy, a new vision for a new you! Thank you to the whole crew!" Yvette K.

Our students love us...

"Prior to joining ASD IT Academy, I had no prior cybersecurity or IT background. I came from a healthcare background. The curriculum that I followed was great for beginners, and the courses provide basic and easy to understand explanation of the cybersecurity concept. The instructors explained the material very well, and were passionate about their students understanding what's being taught. At the completion of the training, I gained a better understanding of cybersecurity and NIST Special Publications on Information Security. Soon after the training, I have launched my dream job right. I highly recommend ASD IT Academy to everyone willing to join the cybersecurity field." Ashley B.

Traditional, Boring, & Dreadful Classroom...
No More

Are you new to IT? Are you tired of your job? Are you in a midst of a career change? You do not have an IT background or education? You graduated with an IT major, but lacks the work experience required to land an IT job? You are an IT professional, but would like to switch to cybersecurity? Or...are you simply fascinated by IT professionals because they look so smart (and yes, they are!) and you would like to be one of them? Look no further. Our well-rounded IT experts will train and guide you.

We know the feeling of sitting in a traditional, boring, and dreadful classroom. To spare you your time and energy, we have scoped our curriculum to make learning less overwhelming and confusing while providing you with the necessary tools to gain the necessary skills to get the ball rolling and jump start your cybersecurity career. The dynamism and student-engaging approach of our instructors, who themselves are cybersecurity professionals with years of experience, make our classrooms fun and interactive. 
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Receive support if you have completed a cybersecurity training in the past...

We offer programs that will suit your specific needs.  Contact us below.

20 Years of Experience




Your future in cybersecurity starts here!

Ready to take your cybersecurity skills to the next level? Join our dynamic community of IT professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in cybersecurity. Whether you're looking to master the Risk Management Framework, achieve FISMA compliance, or delve into penetration testing and digital forensics, we've got you covered.

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