Cybersecurity Analyst Trainee

Best if you are running on a tight schedule, and are ready to give it your all. This program is  fast paced. At the completion of this course, you will acquire necessary skillset of a Cybersecurity Analyst. Sign up now and join other students in this live (virtual) training.

This program covers both sessions required to be successful as a Cybersecurity Compliance Analyst.

The following programs are offered:

  1. The Principles of Information Security
  2. The Risk Management Framework
  3. Cybersecurity hands-on projects
  4. Resume Tutorial and Review
  5. Job Interview Preparation
  6. Full Support in and out of the program

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Courses included

Cybersecurity Analyst Trainee

This program covers sessions required to be successful as a Cybersecurity Compliance Analyst. You will receive guided support from experienced cybersecurity professionals making it easier to transition to IT.
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