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Cybersecurity: The Risk Management Framework (RMF)

This course is part of our comprehensive cybersecurity training program. It is two (2) part sessions. Session A covers The Principles of Information Security, and Session B covers Cybersecurity: The Risk Management Framework. Complete both sessions to take a full advantage of the program. For beginners, we suggest completing the courses in The Principles of Information Security prior to starting this course.

You may continue with this course if you have completed a prior cybersecurity training program, or if you possess basic IT security knowledge or background.

At the completion of both programs: The Principles of Information Security, and Cybersecurity: The Risk Management Framework (RMF), along with the completion of our specifically crafted Hands-on Projects, which is offered separately, you will acquire the skillsets necessary as a cybersecurity compliance analyst.

Note: Although we try to provide necessary skillset and information through our courses, feel free to reach out to us at max@AsdITAcademy.com to learn more about any of the topics covered, to enquire about other programs we offer, or to suggest other IT topics you will want us to teach in the future.

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Max M.

I have helped over 150+ students land their first gig in IT. With over 20 years of combined experience in Engineering, Technical Management, and Cybersecurity, Max is currently a renowned CEO of an IT firm, and a business owner. The wealth of knowledge and experience acquired throughout his years in cybersecurity are relegated to you via simple terms and day-to-day examples to make it easier for his students to understand and relate to. His passion for cybersecurity is unmatched, and is shown widely through his teachings. 
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