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If you want a cybersecurity degree that has true meaning in the real world, take courses from the educational institution known as a premier center of academic excellence in the areas of Computer Networks, Digital Forensics, and National Security Systems: ASD IT Academy.

The value that Cyber Security Degrees bring to ASD IT Academy's students shows in the jobs they land and the salaries they command. Our Cyber Security Program prepares students for careers as Network Administrators, Risk Management Experts, Information Security Analysts, Secure Computing Specialists, and more exciting, in-demand opportunities with private companies and government agencies.

Assure yourself of a top-quality education in Cyber Security and Information Technology. Enroll in a cybersecurity certificate program at ASD IT Academy in Maryland and put yourself in prime position to launch your career with the leading cybersecurity companies and government entities.

Attract Attention with a Certificate Program from a Leading Maryland Institution

Take Your Career to a New Level with an ASD IT Academy Cybersecurity Degree

So you want to work for a national security agency, or one of the many cybersecurity companies that are emerging onto the Maryland business-scape. What's the best way to stand out in a crowded field of cybersecurity management candidates?

With a freshly earned cybersecurity certificate from ASD IT Academy.

Go with Maryland's proven cybersecurity education experts. All our instructors are actual cybersecurity pros themselves, so when they speak of the best ways to impress interviewers, they know of what they speak.

Our faculty brings to the classroom literal decades of combined experience in Information Security and Information Assurance, in addition to Systems Auditing, Software Development, Risk Assessment and Management, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering. Our instructors have all undertaken a high-level degree program in cybersecurity themselves, accomplished much in the fields of cyber operations and cyber defense, and even thwarted cyber attacks in the real world.

In short, they know their stuff and they know how to communicate it to their students. We're confident in saying that the teaching staff at ASD IT Academy is truly first-rate, comparable to any Maryland university & college.

So whether you already own an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, or master's degree in Information Technology, Digital Forensics, or Cyber Security, you'll learn something valuable from the degree programs of ASD IT Academy.

What Jobs Do Cybersecurity Degrees From ASD IT Academy Prepare Candidates For?

We Cover the Entire Cybersecurity Field, from Security Analysts to Intrusion Detection

No matter what aspects of the cybersecurity management field interest you, ASD IT Academy's degree programs can prepare you for a career working in that discipline.

Imagine your future career as an in-demand:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer or Cybersecurity Analyst

  • Security Controls Assessor

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

  • Information System Engineer or Information System Security Officer

  • Information Security Analyst or Information Security Specialist

  • Information Assurance Specialist

  • Assessment and Authorization (A&A) Analyst

Intrusion detection. Cyber attack prevention. Penetration testing. Digital forensics. Infrastructure security. Mobile application security. Endpoint protection. Even Risk Assessment and Regulatory Compliance.

And information assurance, or devising innovative ways to secure and encrypt data, either on the cloud or on personal devices. ASD IT Academy can prepare you for all this and more.

The applications of cyber security are virtually endless and so are the companies and government entities that require skilled practitioners. Become one of those sought-after professionals with a cyber defense education from ASD IT Academy.

Which Cyber Security Certificate Programs Can Students Prepare For?

Get Certified in High-Demand, Fast-Paced Fields of Cyber Security

As an educational institution devoted to imparting best practices for Cyber Security, Information Security, and Digital Forensics, academic excellence is paramount to achieving our ongoing mission. Therefore, ASD IT Academy's administrators and instructors devise rigorous curricula so that students - soon-to-be job-seekers - get more than a piece of paper from their cyber security degrees in Maryland . . . they get the job they want, too.

Make yourself even more in-demand with the most up-to-the moment cybersecurity certificate.

Here's a partial list of the many CS and IT certifications students of ASD IT Academy can prepare for:

  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

  • CompTIA Security+

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architect

  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

  • Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

  • Certified Authorization Professional (CAP)

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

The fields of Cyber Security, Information Security, and Digital Forensics are ever-evolving and growing. Job candidates with up-to-date certifications are more hire-able. ASD IT Academy's hands-on courses are designed to be dynamic, keeping pace with current trends and techniques in order to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to land top jobs in cybersecurity.

So when it's time to enroll in your first cyber security certificate programs, or you need to freshen your certifications, bone up on your Information Security skills, or record a few continuing education credits, put your career in the cybersecurity industry on the right track with a degree program by ASD IT Academy of Maryland.

You Bring the Box. We Put In the Tools.

ASD IT Academy Puts You To Work Building the Skills Needed To Earn Your Cybersecurity Certificate

When you interview with a prospective employer, it pays to be able to rattle off the names of specific tools you have actual experience with. If you know that the words Splunk, Qualys, and XACTA aren't made up - and especially if you have worked with them - then you're up on the competition for the job.

Gain valuable knowledge of and experience using industry-leading cybersecurity tools such as Splunk, Qualys, XACTA, eMASS, Wireshark, and Tenable Nessus, plus NetSparker, HP WebInspect, CSAM, JIRA, and ServiceNow. Familiarity with these applications is essential for the Network Security and Information Assurance work you'll be doing (or continue to be doing) as cybersecurity professionals.

One of the top benefits of cybersecurity degrees in Maryland from ASD IT Academy is the comprehensiveness of our instruction. Because our instructors are adept at a variety of tools used in the cybersecurity field, we impart to students proper, effective usage of these tools, leveraging their usefulness to bolster your skills and enhance your attractiveness to potential employers.

We Achieve Successful Student Outcomes with Interactive Cybersecurity Programs

Interactivity Is the Key to an Efficacious, Hands-On, Even Fun Learning Experience

There's something a bit different about an ASD IT Academy classroom. Our instructors (and, by and large, the students) look like they're enjoying themselves. There's some serious high-level learning going on, with technical cybersecurity terms being thrown about, but there's a great deal of interaction between student and instructor, whether in-class or on-line.

We dare call it fun, but it's certainly productive. Unlike courses at the University of Maryland or a local community college, a class with an ASD IT Academy instructor is a de facto work session in real-world Cyber Security. Because we work in the same fields about which we teach, we take you inside the cybersecurity industry and bring it alive, providing an uncommon level of insight.

Not all approaches to cybersecurity education are right for everyone. ASD IT Academy believes in an interactive approach that involves the students in the process of solving cybersecurity problems and doing real cybersecurity work. That's the best way to prepare students for working with top cybersecurity companies and national centers of information assurance.

In Cyber Security, How Far You Go Is Up To You

With Thousands of Unfilled Jobs in Maryland and Across the Country, There's a Role for You in Cyber Security

No doubt, one of the most compelling reasons to pursue a career in Cyber Security - and therefore a great reason to take part in the cybersecurity programs available from ASD IT Academy - is the sheer magnitude of demand for professionals with up-to-date skills. Every private company, nonprofit, national center of cybersecurity, or computer forensics organization requires smart people who can protect their data from cyber attacks and keep their computer systems on their side.

But the very idea of Cybersecurity Management or a Cybersecurity Associate is still comparatively new in the grand scheme. Due to this, the number of experts in Network Security and Information Assurance has always lagged behind the amount of jobs requiring such skilled workers.

Make yourself a top candidate to be an impactful Cybersecurity Associate. Enroll at ASD IT Academy and get the best workforce development skills available to cybersecurity students in Maryland.

From Mountain to Shore, ASD IT Academy Offers Cyber Security Degrees in Maryland

We Teach Students from Baltimore County to Hagerstown

Community college is great, but sometimes your educational résumé needs some extra oomph to really stand out in a crowd of newly minted cybersecurity professionals. That's where ASD IT Academy comes in.

The need for cybersecurity skills is omnipresent in the Old Line State. Maryland has some of the world's top research universities such as the University of Maryland, and our proximity to Washington DC makes our geography advantageous for partnerships with private companies, nonprofit organizations, government entities (like the Department of Homeland Security), and military departments (like the Defense Cyber Crime Center) - and all of the above have an ongoing, desperate need for experts with leading-edge know-how and up-to-date degrees in Computer Science, Cybersecurity Management, and Digital Forensics.

But what companies or organizations in Maryland need employees with a recent cybersecurity degree? Well, biotech firms...defense facilities...and pretty much any company or organization that must keep its data safe. ASD IT Academy builds the experts who protect our data.

Academic excellence is something Marylanders come to expect from Maryland colleges. With students from Cumberland to Frederick to Ocean City MD, ASD IT Academy promises the kind of academic excellence that results in maximum practical knowledge and optimum job placement opportunities in Maryland.

Enroll at ASD IT Academy in Maryland for Cyber Security Degrees that Matter

Go With the Institution Known for Digital Forensics Academic Excellence

Get your cyber career off to the best possible start. Take part in degree programs offered by ASD IT Academy in Maryland.

Contact us today for more information and an enrollment application.

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Reach out to our enrollment office anytime Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Ask about ASD IT Academy's cybersecurity degree programs in Digital Forensics, Network Security, Information Assurance, general Computer Science, and much more. Rely on our faculty of experienced real-world professionals, best-in-class resources, and proven techniques for teaching cyber operations that impart to students a level of knowledge rivaling what they'd receive at full bachelor's degree programs from four-year Maryland colleges.

The time is now to make your next move toward a promising career in the burgeoning field of Cyber Security and Cyber Defense. Education holds the key to finding that coveted job with cybersecurity companies, national centers, or government agencies - and you'll find that top-flight cybersecurity education at ASD IT Academy in Maryland.

Get Your Cyber Security Degree in Maryland. Learn and Earn with ASD IT Academy!

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